****Tell Mom she’s your Queen Bee!*****

 Mother’s Day is Sunday May 13th

Open 9 to 9 Friday, Saturday and Sunday



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Spellbound Flowers
“Bewitching Blossoms for Enchanted Occasions.”

Employing the arts of Floriography, Aromatherapy and just being downright stylish-
FDI Certified Designer,Nico Bella creates stunning bouquets and arrangements
for every incident, episode, celebration or circumstance.

Choose from our “Spellbook” of designs  ( Guilted Lilies? Truly Love?)
or work with Nico to create a unique and personal arrangement that pleases
the eyes and speaks your heart.

Local  delivery of bouquets and gifts is available and

we are delighted to be the only Portland florist that delivers til 2 A.M, 7 nights a week

Spellbound Flowers is  located in the heart of Downtown Portland, on the corner of Broadway & Morrison at Pioneer Courthouse Square.

Because our location is outdoors, extreme weather  ( Over 88 and under 38) can cause Spellbound  to shutter up for the day so if you don’t see us please visit Facebook or follow us on Twitter to check our status for the day.

For more information or to create a bouquet
please contact Nico Bella
e.mail : info@spellboundflowers.com

* We provide floral delivery to : 97005,97006,97007,97015,97030,97045,97060,97062,97070,97086,97140,97201,97202,97204 , 97205,97206,97209,97210,97211,97212,97213,97214,97215,97216 , 97217,97218,97219,97220,97221,97222,97223,97224,97225,97227,97228,97229,97230,97232 , 97233,97239,97266,97299 and Washington Zip Codes: 98607,98665,98682,98683,98684

***It is *possible* to deliver outside these zip codes but please call for certainty and rates.

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4 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Laurie says:

    She said, “they are the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen!” Thank you for making such a beautiful arrangement for a very special friend of mine. The flowers made her Birthday very special!

  2. Lavinia Martin-Weber says:

    Is it possible to make a small custom order (of course, within the boundaries to what you guys have)? I want to give individual flowers to some friends for Valentine’s Day.

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